BananaThis year’s Prep School Battle of the Bands was another triumph of (some) musical quality and fantastic entertainment. The battles started with a brilliant gypsy jazz piece by Ubani Adelagun, James Candy and Freddie Barr, showing their amazing talents; a performance that won them this year’s Brazell Ensemble Cup. Two, Year 4 bands, rocked the house singing songs by Elvis and the Troggs.

Listening to the winners from the pop singing finalswas a real treat, with the audience votes going to Gabby Britton (Year 4) for the Juniors,who played and sang Bruno Mars Count on Me and Verity Moulding (Year 8), singing Ordinary People.

battle1aHowever, the real battle commenced with the arrival
on stage, of the Year 8 bands! Each year every Year
8class puts together a band, where they have to sing
and play every part of a song between them, live on
stage. 8S rapped and twisted through See you again,
8L found their inner Elton John as they were Still
, 8C’s Can’t stop the feeling was
complemented with some very colourful dancing, whilst 8E Uptown Funked it up, with a singing
banana and some extraordinary moves. This year’s winners, however, were the great 😯 with
Best Song Ever; chosen by the audience cheers of 104.7 decibels (registered by Mr Fraine, ‘Man
of Science’).

Juremi Pinnick of 😯 said, “I couldn’t believe it when we won. We have loved learning our song
and it has got better and better!”

A spokesman for 8E, who wished to remain nameless said, “We were robbed! It was a fix! How
many other times have you seen a huge banana andtwo brilliant sun-glassed dancers on the
same stage?”

Lucy Humphreys from 8C said, “It was great, but I am not sure how I’m going to get all of this glitter off my face before my tennis match this afternoon!”

We are all very much looking forward to next year!