‘Safer Internet Day’ (Tuesday 9th February)is a nationwide campaign to promote safeand responsible
use of the internet.Pupilsand staff went a step furtherby dedicating a whole week to internet safety. As well as learning about the safe and responsible use of technology and the benefits of the internet, around the theme’Be kind online’, pupils have alsodiscussed how to think of others when they are communicating online.

Both in theHeadmaster’s assembly and PSHCE lessonspupilsfocused on both the creative and positive things children and young people are doing online, as well as the role that we all play in helping to create a better internet. They discussed the importance of being kind online andtook part in a poster competitionto design and produce posters relating to the theme and as wells as participating in other break time activities.

Mr Paddy Moss, Headmastersaid “The rapid growth of technology has removed the barriers of distance and time, meaning communications are faster and more accessible than ever. It also means that our children are exposed to a different kind of danger. Parents can do their very best to protect their children, but it is also important that we make children aware by encouraging the positive use of the internet and giving them some skills to recognise and manage difficult situations. This week has certainly raised pupils’ awareness and hopefully they will be more thoughtful when using the internet and communicating online in the future.”