Staff, pupils and parents were thrilled to welcome British television and radio presenter, Angellica Bell as their guest speaker to this year’s Speech Day, marking the end of the school year.  Angellica Bell is best known for her presenting on CBBC, The One Show and for co-presenting The Martin Lewis Money Show. She also won the 2017 series of Celebrity MasterChef.

Speech Day started with a reflective end of year Chapel Service at the Senior School, after which parents visited the ‘French Café’ to enjoy fresh coffee and pastries served by pupils. Throughout the morning enthusiastic pupils guided parents around their class displays,  proudly showing off their Viking Longboats, their biography reviews, rainforest activities and in the science laboratories visitors could even take the Dean Close Bushtucker Trial, as pupils were offering mealworms, locusts and crickets as alternative sources of protein, perhaps the food of the future!

If parents weren’t feeling peckish they could take a leisurely walk to the School’s beautiful outdoor theatre to watch pupils perform a play entirely in Latin, which was impressive as most of the actors were just 13 years old.

Parents then made their way to a large marquee on the school field to take their seats for speeches and the prize-giving ceremony. In his speech the Headmaster, Mr Paddy Moss, encouraged his pupils to be of service, to help others and to be outward looking. He went on to explain that 10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to those experiences. He asked them to take the time to grow from what life ‘sends’ you with a good combination of resilience and positivity. He ended with a quote from Aristotle: “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”

Prize-giving followed, where pupils who have excelled in certain subjects or made great progress throughout the year received prizes, for instance the award for Academic Endeavour was won by Henry Read and the cup for General All-round Citizenship was won by Tom Elwes, the full prize list is given below.  In addition, this year there were also the Value Prizes. These were awards presented to pupils from each year group who had clearly emulated the school values of integrity, honesty, resilience, kindness, service and respect.

Angellica Bell said, “It was wonderful to be invited to such an extraordinary school, where they celebrate not only academic and co-curricular achievement, prizes were also given to those children who had demonstrated the school’s values which are so important to help shape a healthy, positive society. I asked the staff, parents and children to consider the qualities their hero might have or someone they looked up to and then try and emulate those qualities themselves – to be the very best person they can be – to be their own hero. Wishing the Dean Close Community a well-earned rest this summer.”


3LH Sammy Bradley
3EM Lexie Calderwood
4PW Alba Carames-Lane
4GW Matilda Pitt
5AE Emma Stephens
5LB Beatrice Braddock
5SR Taylor Shepherd


3LH Emilia Brierley-Jones
3EM Lincoln Robb
4PW Daniel Greatbatch
4GW Daniel Smith
5AE Angelina Bantleman
5LB Jackson Fairfax
5SR Sofia Williamson


English Binns Poetry Prize Ayomide Sotande-Peters
Year 8 Arya Moodley
Year 7 Ella Moody
Year 6 Chloe Ashton
Mathematics Horsley Prize Michael Lei
Year 7 Samuel Crawford
Year 6 Oliver Mackay
French Year 8 Cassian Pichler-Roca
Year 7 Daniel Woodward-Court
Year 6 Alice Montgomery
Spanish Year 8 Lola Stewart
Year 7 Alicia Pasetchnik
Geography Jackson Cup Amelie Lindsay
Year 7 Alexa Ellison
Year 6 Alex Ristic
History Redway Cup Silas Jack
Year 7 Benedict Braddock
Year 6 Thomas Ridsdale
Latin Bryan Prize Emily Cox
Year 7 Olivia Thomas
Science WAM Edwards’ Prize Ramsay Hutton
Year 8 Biology Martha Green
Year 8 Physics Angus Caton
Year 8 Chemistry Emily Dempsey
Year 7 Harry Wrighthouse
Year 6 Freddie Martin
Religious Studies
Whitney Prize Ubani Adelagun
Year 7 Florence Mckinnes
Year 6 Lucy Godfrey
Art Year 8 Nick Milne
Year 7 Izzy Walton
Year 6 Darcey Chambers
Years 3 to 5 Beatrice Braddock
Technology Senior Award (Yr 7-8) Ferapont Barinov
Middle Award (Yr5-6) Caitlin Allen
Junior Award (Yr3-4) Amelia Wells
Computing Year 8 Jacob Smith
Iris Long Reading Progress Prize Eva Cottam
Services to the Library Erin Jeffrey
EAL Prize Raquel Picazo Flores



The Churchill Cup- Senior  Drama Cam Stephens
Tivoli Cup – Junior Drama Taylor Shepherd
David Long Cup for the Spoken Word Ella Taylor
Judge Cup – for services to Drama Alex Hill
Webster Cup – Years 3 to 5(Outstanding Junior All-rounder) Gabby Britton
The Daryl Greenwood Cup for Art Endeavour –  Year 6 Sienna Deacon
Watson Prize for services to Chapel Choir Jessica Faux
Robert Evans Cup for Chapel Choir Connie Britton
Amherst Cup for Achievement in Schola Cantroum Jamie Richardson and Tomos Bowen
Abbey Cup for Effort in Schola Cantorum Hugo Brooks-Hughes
Outstanding Musical Achievement:  Senior                                                                                                                      Junior Cassian Pichler-Roca
Evie Schmidt-Martin
Music Endeavour Award – Senior Gabi Rogers
Music Endeavour Award – Junior Morgan Chandler
Darch-Hopkins -Young Dancer Award Megan Byrd
Hunter Blair Cup- All round Sports Girl Lorna Wilmott
DCPS Cup- All round Sports Boy Billy Benson
Most Promising Junior Sports Girl Shield – Years 3-5 Gabby Britton
Most Promising Junior Sports Boy Shield – Years 3-5 Arthur Clarkson
Enthusiasm & Sportsmanship Year 6 George Mills
Charlotte Minter
Enthusiasm & Sportsmanship Year 7 Edward Smart
Corinna Clarkson
Enthusiasm & Sportsmanship Year 8 Jasper Tomes
Katie Lillywhite
Winch Cup – Outstanding Team Sporting Achievement Boys U13 Hockey Team and Girls U13 Tennis Team
Equestrian Prize Maddie Melville-Smith


Headmaster’s Prizes  

Jope Obikoya

Nell Currie

Jack Thomas

Liv Nelson

Lara Hill



Cross Curricular Excellence Cup  Arya Moodley
Postlip Cup Pro Industria 
(Persistent Endeavour in Academic Work)
Henry Read
The Middleton Cup 
(All-round Achievement Outside Academic Studies)
Connie Britton
The Old Decanians’ Prize – 
(General All-round Good Citizenship)
Thomas Elwes
Knight Centenary Salver – 
(All-round Excellence – Academic, Cultural & Sporting)
Emily Cox
Heads of School Prize Billy Harris
Maia Dimmer