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Dean Close is very much a boarding school, with a full programme of teaching and activities all through the week and at weekends. The School has a healthy mixture of Day and Boarding pupils plus a small number of Flexi Boarders who stay one or two nights per week. With families from as far afield as Australia or as close as across the road, the School does the upmost to accommodate the different needs and circumstances of each individual family.

With its large population of Boarders, Dean Close buzzes with activity 24 hours a day and the Day Pupils enjoy the extra activities and life that a boarding school creates.

Every pupil over the age of 7 is accommodated in a House, which is their main social and pastoral unit. Between the Preparatory and Senior School there are seven Day Houses and nine Boarding Houses, one of which is a mixed Junior Boarding House for children aged 7-10 and two are Sixth Form only houses.

Preparatory School (ages 7-13)

Boarding Boys: Caldecote (ages 11-13)

Boarding Girls: Fortfield (ages 11-13)

Mixed Junior Boarding: Wilton (ages 7-10)

Day: Yeaman, Oaksey and Deacon (ages 7-13)

Senior School (ages 13-18)

Boarding Girls – Fawley, Shelburne, (ages 13-18)

Sixth Form Boarding Girls: Turner Hall (ages 16-18)

Boarding Boys:  Brook Court, Tower (ages 13-18)

Sixth Form Boarding Boys: Gate House(ages 16-18)

Day Girls – Hatherley, Mead (ages 13-18)

Day Boys – Dale, Field (ages 13-18)

Each House is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress who is the main point of contact for parents, having overall responsibility for the welfare and progress of each child in their House. Pupils are supported by House Tutors who look after small groups and assist with house supervision and activities. In the boarding houses, the Housemaster or Housemistress and their family is resident in the House.

Flexi Boarding

Principles and Practice

Flexi Boarding is provided as a ‘half-way house’ between being a Day Pupil and a Boarder. Many who take up the option of Flexi Boarding become full boarders in due course, and it can be seen as a way of easing into boarding for someone who has not boarded before. Places for Flexi Boarders are strictly limited in order to maintain the atmosphere and ethos of the boarding houses. Places are allocated upon written request from parents and on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Please note that there is no guarantee that because a pupil has been a Flexi Boarder at Dean Close Preparatory School there will automatically be a place available as a Flexi Boarder at the Senior School. Questions regarding Flexi Boarding should be addressed to the Admissions Department – 01242 258044 or


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