Fortfield House is the girls’ boarding house, for girls aged 11-13. A beautiful four story Regency town house on the edge of the Prep School site, it is large enough for the girls to have plenty of space and still feel like home.

There are two large sitting rooms where the girls can practise their music or relax with a game on the Wii or Xbox, or just watch television.  A large, well-equipped kitchen means there is plenty of space for baking and drinking hot chocolate, whilst listening to the radio or music from an iPod. There are also a few cosy private spaces, where the girls can make phone calls or read quietly.

A room dedicated to prep means the girls keep up with their studies, amidst all the fun and a teacher is always at hand should they need help.

The girls can personalise the bright spacious dorms with their own posters, photos and special things and there is a lovely garden designed just for the girls with swings to share, a trampoline to let off some steam, and space to sit in the sun or round the fire, depending on the weather and time of day!

Fortfield is a happy place with a strong emphasis on honesty, friendship and support. We consider it a huge privilege to live here with these girls.


We have both been boarding since 2013 and have loved every minute. When we started, we did experience a little home sickness, but with plenty of staff to support us, it soon vanished. There’s no time for sadness, since the house is filled with funny memories and happy moments. For example one early morning our delightful gapper, Miss Locke, woke us up at 5am because her alarm clock was in ‘Aussie time!’ It was very funny and we still managed to get back to sleep.

Every weekend we are faced with a new activity that everyone can enjoy, for example every year the boarding community visits Drayton Manor and Alton Towers. These are two of our favourite weekend trips, amongst many other fantastic adventures.

You are never alone (unless you chose to be!) when you are in a boarding house, there is always someone to talk to, whether it’s your friends, matrons or fantastic gappers. We are like one big happy family, with friends constantly by our sides. All these things add up to why we love boarding, and why we think it’s a great experience!

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