Many of you will be aware that work began a few weeks ago at the Senior School on phase 1 of the Quad Project. There have been a number of interesting discoveries as work has progressed, from graffiti dating back to the 1930s by a work man repairing some woodwork, to pupil graffiti on the back of pin boards from the 1980s. However, of particular note are the two very large wooden doors which had been hidden away behind a stud wall. Research has revealed that these are fairly old and date back to the early years of the school.

How do we know this? Here is a photograph of the Dining Hall in 1895 when it existed in the space where the senior management team had their offices up to a few weeks ago.

This clearly shows an opening, and if you look closely, you can see what looks like the edge of a door on the left hand side suggesting the double doors had been either been pushed back into the room beyond, or were possibly on a sliding mechanism. In 1898, when the new Dining Hall was built (where the IT Office is now), this space became a museum and was featured in the first School Prospectus of 1899 (see below). The picture shows the two rooms have been separated and the magnificent doors are clearly visible.

By the early 1900s, the room had undergone another change in function and become the Library. Below you can see shields hung in the square panels of the doors with bookshelves located in front. This was taken c1920s.

The library remained in this space until 1959-60 when it was relocated to the new Beaufort Block (science labs), and from there, in 1997, a human chain of pupils relocated all the books to the old School Room which was remodelled and renamed The Flecker Library. Since then, the old library room has been called the Seminar room and later used as offices, and now, as part of the new Quad project, is undergoing another transformation.