The last two weeks have been very eventful at school. There has been the Annual Poetry Competition, Year 3 Rainforest Day and the Drama, Art and Music Scholars’ trip to London!

As always the Inter-House Swimming Gala was a noisy and exciting event. The Gala is alwaysone of thehighlights of the school calendar as the whole schoolcomes togetherto either swim or support their teams;the noise levels were unreal!

The Year 3s had a whole day studying the rainforest and the jungleand managed to get close to someliving rainforest creepy crawlies.I think they all loved getting dressed up into their costumes!

The scholars’ trip to London was amazing. We had the privilege of seeing the artwork of Van Gough and Leonardo Da Vinci at the National Gallery. After a well-deserved lunch, we went to an amazing performance of ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ Which was full of unbelievable stunts and amazing singing. We all absolutely loved it and this was evident on the bus trip home as everyone was singing.Even Mr McVittie joined in!

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone a great half-term. Anybody going skiing have a funand be careful!