A space farmer, a memory surgeon, an ocean architect or a planet explorer were just some of the incredible occupations pupils considered on their recent Healthy Living Day. Throughout the day pupils also had a go at tightrope walking, orienteering and boxing, as well as discussing some of the challenges they might face when moving up to the Senior School.

Healthy Living Day is part of an ongoing Preparatory School Wellbeing Programme to promote personal wellbeing and to equip pupils with key life skills. During the day pupils rotated between First Aid, Mindfulness, Careers, Team Building Skills and Fitness. In the fitness sessions they had a go at boxing in pairs – learning some great fitness moves and tried out the battle ropes, which looked great fun but were extremely hard work. During the team building sessions pupils played giant Jenga, helped each other walk the tight rope and used orienteering skills on the school grounds to solve a puzzle.

Careers of the future was a fascinating session where pupils considered what the world would be like in 2030. The challenges their generation may have to face such as climate change, pollution, farming and the kinds of jobs that could be available. They then used career top trumps to consider jobs of the future and the skills needed to be successful. For instance, a Space Farmer might need agricultural experience but equally they might also need to be resilient, resourceful and be able to work for long periods alone. Pupils then had to create a poster selling a job of the future – there were some great ideas including a teleporter, Fusion Scientist and an Extreme Tour Guide.

In First Aid pupils learnt about the recovery position, how to give CPR and how to do a primary survey of an incident scene, Dr ABC (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation).

Lara Hill said, “I think most of us thought we would aspire to do similar jobs to our parents. I hadn’t thought about how the world would change and what a different world we would be living in. The career prospects are fascinating and the possibilities endless. I think my generation has an exciting and challenging path ahead of them.”

Pupils comments about the day were:

‘all the activities have been really different, I loved that!’

‘it’s a great summer time thing to do and we get to go all over the grounds when we are orienteering’

‘I liked being with my friends and working in whatever way we wanted as a team’

‘I was wondering what the Senior School might be like but I think I know now.’

The balance of a bit of thinking time, a bit of fitness time, a bit of creative time and a chance to ask questions time has worked so well.