The Francis Bacon Society is a Sixth Form dining society which organises black tie events and invites guest speakers to give an after-dinner talk. There are usually three dinners each year and every Sixth Former attends at least one dinner in their time at the school.

The first Francis Bacon Dinner of the new school year started with a very famous and elegant guest, Cath Kidston.

After drinks in the Headmaster’s study and a delicious dinner, Cath stood up and shared with guests her success story and journey to becoming a world renowned​​​​fashion designer, businesswoman and author. Art and Business studentswere inspired by her enthusiasm and passion for both the designaspects and business side of her company and all enjoyed hearing about how she showed signs of becoming a keen entrepreneur from the age of 4 when she would sell the contents of her mother’s cupboards to their family friends. She also pointed out that her journey was not easy one and she took many jobs (from dog walker to cleaner) before she got to where she is today.

At the end of her talk, Cath answered our questions and encouraged the young audience to follow their passions. Her story is an excellent example of how dedication and passion can lead to a very successfulfuture in business and she was a very inspirational and popular guest.