To celebrate her wonderful contribution of 21 years at the Pre-Prep, we held a special ‘thank you and farewell’ party for
Mrs Phillips on Monday 23rd June. Some of the adjectives children use when describing Mrs Phillips’ personality are ‘fun’,
‘happy’ and ‘smiley’ and we all appreciate the joy and enthusiasm that she brings to ‘The Squirrels’ every day. Our party day was, therefore, suitably filled with fun and excitement – we had bouncy castles, parachute activities and outdoor games, and Mrs Phillips also arranged for us to have a fantastic Punch and Judy Show and ice creams! We had lovely weather – which meant that the ice creams melted quickly but most were eaten very quickly by our happy children!

It was a wonderful day and will leave lasting memories for us all. It was also fitting that many current and former parents came to join us at the end of the day to have tea and cake to celebrate, express their thanks and help present Mrs Phillips with a gift from the whole parent body from across the three schools.

Thank you, Mrs Phillips, for 21 fantastic years!