The trek into town on a Sunday morning was more than worth it: a group of 12 Latinists with their teachers were treated to a wonderful talk delivered by Professor Mary Beard (Britain’s most recognisable Classicist) and Dr Llewelyn Morgan of Brasenose College, Oxford. Continuing with their series, How To Read A Latin Poem, (now in its seventh or eighth year and back by public demand after a brief hiatus), the two esteemed scholars introduced a Cheltenham audience to Ovid’s Amores. Battle commenced – was this “blokeish” verse i.e misogynistic and boorish (Mary Beard) or were we missing the point – this was poetry that was witty and allusive, written by a deeply self-conscious poet, altogether aware of the outrageous nature of his verse (Llewelyn Morgan)? A brief introduction to the mechanics of versification – the writing of elegiac couplets – followed that mystified some in the audience, I am sure. This was an experience enjoyed by all, teachers and students and we look forward to the dynamic duo’s return to Cheltenham next year.