Recently, Year 7 had a fantastic adventure to Chepstow Castle. Two of the pupils share their thoughts about an historical day ‘out of the office’!

Cheers to Chilly Chepstow!
On a damp, drizzly Thursday morning, Year 7 set off to Chepstow. After an hour, we finally arrived to be greeted by the sun and the spectacularwalls of Chepstow Castle. We split into four groups, each one wanting to get into the castle before the other. Once inside, each of the groups went to different parts of the castle. We got to sit on ancient loos and climb to the top of an extremely high turret. From the top the view was amazing. We even got to lean over a wall looking 50 feet down to the River Wye. Over all it was an amazing trip. A big thank you to Mr Gould, Mr Standing, Mr Macdonald and Mrs Salisbury for taking us.
By Thomas Elwes

Chepstow Castle
On our visit we found out many things like the tactical oil defence at the
gate of the castle. We explored every great room from the sweet
smelling kitchen to the huge dining hall. We also visited the dark and
lonely prison where a great gush of wind came through the food shoot
and then climbed the steep, slippery steps which lead to highest part of the castle where
we had an amazing view of theRiver Wye. We had a great adventure exploring this breath-taking castle and
learning all the history behind it.
By Fergus Cronin