Happy ‘Year of the Rat’! Chinese New Year, or the Lunar festival, kicked off on Saturday the 25th January, to mark the New Year according to the traditional Chinese calendar. Celebrations have been taking place all over the world, and not least, at Dean Close School!

The children have embraced this festival by learning about the ancient rituals and customs of the Chinese during this ancient celebration, which was presented to the whole school by our international students during Headmasters assembly last week, in the run up to festivities.

The Children were treated to a fantastic ‘Ancient Lion Dance’ during Afternoon Buns last week, believed to chase away evil spirits and bring good luck for the coming year! Boarding students also got to sample the delights of Chinese cuisine on Monday evening, as we hosted a Chinese New Year feast in the dining hall!

This year is the year of the rat, and in Chinese culture, rats represent hard-workers and thriftiness. Celebrations will continue until the next full moon, on the 8th February.

‘Xin nián kuài le’ to everyone at Dean Close!