On Saturday evening, around eighty pupils and staff came together to mark the Chinese New Year season with a celebration of poetry, music and traditional Spring Festival dishes. On arrival, pupils were handed traditional red envelopes by members of staff, which contained a chocolate treat and wishes for good fortune for the new year. To open the formal dinner, Upper Sixth boys Jack Shi and Alex Yang entertained guests with a recital of a traditional Spring Festival poem in Mandarin and a warm welcome in English. After a wonderful feast of dishes including Peking duck, steamed dumplings, chilli prawns, sweet and sour pork, jasmine rice, assorted dessert fritters and rice sesame dumplings, speeches were brought to us by pupils Michelle Lam and Patrick Xu. Michelle shared her thoughts on the importance of the Spring Festival and her celebration of Chinese New Year during the eleven years she has been at Dean Close and Patrick entertained all with a lively and very well-received speech in Mandarin about the significance of the year of the dog. Finally, Eason Ma and Kaven Hou brought the evening to a close with two beautifully performed Chinese songs. Pupils and staff would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Dog 2018!