At the end of term, Schola Cantorum set off for a 5 day tour of the Netherlands. The choir of 15 boys and 6 men sang concerts in stunning churches in Gouda, Den Bosch and Leiden in front of very appreciative audiences. The Dutch have a strong attachment toEnglish Choral Music and showered the choir with praise“What a choir, what voices, what a discipline….. we were moved by the solo voices … in the composition “Hear My Prayer”. Everyone I have spoken to agreed the choir must come back.

In between rehearsals and concerts, we also managed some great social events. We climbed the cathedral tower in Den Bosch, walked inside the human body at theCorpus museum in Leiden and played riotous games of 40/40 in the woods round the hostel where we were staying. We even found time to record our own version of the Harlem Shake!

Now to plan the next tour!