This yearPre-Prep performeda fantastic festive play about a forgotten Christmas tree, to explain the true meaning of Christmas.Each and every child played their part in telling the story about a school where the children are so busy deciding on their Christmas presents and writing their lists that they completely forgot to decorate the school Christmas tree. Mr Potts, the caretaker, sees the tree, bare and forgotten, and decides he needs to take action. He creates some amazing baubles to decorate the tree, each one with a scene from the Christmas story so that the children will learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Mr Potts works hard every night in his workshop creating the
loveliest baubles he can, and each morning hangs another
onthe tree. The Christmas story unfolds as the children
discovera new bauble each morning. When the tree is
almostfullydecorated, the children discover it is Mr Potts who
hasbeenmaking the baubles and decide to make one
themselvesto give to him.

The baubles help the school children in the story remember that all our Christmas celebrations stem from that very first Christmas long ago. Mr Potts with the help of the teachers, Mary, Joseph, stars, shepherds, sheep and angels, townspeople and wise men explained to the children that the most important gift of all was the baby Jesus.

Dr Carolyn Shelley explained, “We chose this play as, being set in a school, it really brought the story to life and helped explain why we celebrate Christmas by telling the story of the first Christmas.”