For the third year, DCPS held a Christmas Concert for grandparents of current pupils in Year 7 and 8, residents of local care homes and Old Decanians.

With his usual unstoppable energy, Director of Music Tim McVittie treated his audience to wonderful variety of Christmas music offered by some of the School’s numerous musical groups – Junior and Chamber choirs, clarinet, flute and strings groups, Swing Band and Senior Orchestra.  There were some old favourites for the audience to sing along to as well – Jingle Bells, All I Want For Christmas and a rip-roaring 12 Days of Christmas where Deputy Head Jonathan Harris danced around the room conducting each table to perform (sitting or standing) their allocated verse.

It was a lovely, uplifting and festive showcase of the variety of music at DCPS with the added bonus of refreshments and mince pies served by the grandchildren of those attending.

“We had a wonderful time! It was lovely to have our granddaughter join us on our table where we had the opportunity to meet some of her friends, their grandparents and members of staff. 

All the pupils took care of us diligently and ensured we were kept fed and watered! 

The orchestras and choirs were all magnificent and participation was encouraged, especially by Mr McVittie, such an excellent Master of Ceremonies – we were hoarse by the end of the event!”