We were delighted to welcome Susan Deacy, Professor of Classics at the University of Roehampton to Cheltenham on Thursday evening. Susan’s scholarly interests include gender, sexuality, ancient Greek mythology and religion. She is also an expert on the teaching of subjects which are potentially sensitive, including sexual and domestic violence, disability and infanticide; Susan is the series editor of Routledge’s Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World to which she has contributed an excellent volume on Athena. Susan spoke with great enthusiasm and with no little knowledge about the study of the Greek pantheon, suggesting ways in which we can approach some of the issues generated by that the multifaceted nature of the Greek gods. Susan asked some particularly interesting questions in her talk including whether we can identify the twelve Olympians on the Parthenon Frieze with any real authority and whether the study of a particular god/goddess occludes the reality of deities with a multiplicity of identities. How Athena is Athena Parthenos or Athena Glaukopis, for example. This was a particularly good talk, one which will have benefited all students of Classical Civilisation at A level.