Dr Genevieve Liveley, reader in Classics at Bristol University and the author of Ovid’s Love Songs, an exceptional study of the poet’s love poetry, delivered a stimulating talk (without recourse to any notes at all!) on the character of Narcissus as presented in book III of the Metamorphoses. Dr Lively paid  due attention to Ovid’s love of paradox and verbal witticism and argued that parallels were to be drawn between Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection and  Ovid himself, a deeply self -conscious poet who loved to parade his learning and his artistry. Dr Lively’s assessment mirrored that of  Quintilian, the rhetorician of the 1st century AD, who remarked that Ovid was “nimium amator sui ingenii”, “a man who was overly in love with his own genius”!