Nearly 30 members of the Dean Close community are now part of a volunteer network set up through GCHQ and Mutual Aid, delivering prescription medicines to vulnerable and elderly people in the Cheltenham area, some of whom have been in isolation for up to two months. Pharmacies just hand over a box with an address list and the medicines are delivered. Many live alone and it’s a great opportunity for some socially-distanced chatting and human contact.

After an email to Dean Close Foundation staff, ‘teams’ were set up and word has spread through families, friends, workplaces, choirs and churches. There are now over 50 people in total and more teams are being created all the time – a web of connections between the Foundation and local communities. It is incredibly rewarding work and as the green shoots of spring appear it seems to symbolise the hopes and prayers we all have for our community to emerge from this difficult time with a stronger sense of unity.