“Defend, O Lord, these your servants with your heavenly grace, that they may continue yours for ever…” The opening words of the magnificent prayer for the special group of eight confirmation candidates this year; a prayer which was followed with a hearty ‘Amen’ by all of the friends and family who were able to attend the annual confirmation service in May.

Over the final five weeks of the Lent term, the whole group met together to think further about what it means not only to assent to Christian belief intellectually, but also in every area of our lives (as well as enjoying Miss Moule’s regular snacks!). It’s amazing to think back to the first week when some of the group barely knew one another, to now when all of the shared experiences and open conversations have knitted them together into being a tight group of friends.

The whole course culminated in a special meal on the evening before the big day, where they discussed the finer points of mimicking American accents, the considerable merits of the chocolate fondant pudding and prayed for one another. The day itself was a memorable mix of sports’ day, seeing nearest and dearest who had come to support and of making significant promises to follow Christ publically. We are grateful to Rt Rev’d Robert Springett (Bishop of Tewkesbury) and Rev’d Julie Fay (Bishop’s Chaplain) for leading the service. Thank you to all who came and indeed to those who prayed from a distance.