Towards the end of the Trinity Term Year 8 pupils hosted a tea and craft morning for residents from Astell House, one of the local retirement homes.

After an initial cup of tea and piece of delicious cake, everyone had a wonderful time creating Yvonne Coomber, inspired paintings. The process began with everyone painting a blue back ground on their canvases. They then had to add flowers using sponges and paintbrushes. The next stage was tocreate a grass effect by spraying the paintings with different shades of green.

accidently got
in the firing
line and ended
up covered in green paint!

The final stage was to add buttons, different coloured dots and discs to give the
pictures depth and texture.

Everyone had a fantastic morning. Pupil, Molly said, “It was so nice talking to our
guests, they were great fun and seemed to really enjoy painting with us – the
pictures they created were so effective, I might even try making one myself at