Pupils from Year 7 participated in a pilot Cyber Security workshop, run by Cyber4Schools. The initiative is supported by The Cyber Trust and Gloucestershire Police and is designed to help students, parents and teachers understand the basics of cyber security. The aim of the pilot programme is to promote safer behaviours and habits amongst 11 year olds; an age when research suggests many children receive their first mobile or smart phone.

Professor Richard Benham, Chair of The Cyber Trust said, “There are an increasing number of children, young adults and teachers who are falling victim to cyber bullying, cyber-crime and exploitation. Perpetrators are getting increasingly savvy and sophisticated with their interactions. This is serious cause for concern which is why we are committed to addressing this with this programme.”

The children found the session to be fun and informative, taking away a number of souvenirs to remind them of their participation. The School will be formally presented with their ‘Cyber-citizen’ later in the Lent Term.