At the end of the Lent term the Juniorforms staged two ofRoald Dahl’sfamous Revolting Rhymes, Cinderella and Snow White,but as they have never been seen before!

The first production was based on the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs except our heroine replaced her 7 dwarfs with 7 exceptional jockeys. On their adventure this gallant team befriended the magic mirror, ran a wonderful race commentated by the one and only ‘Clare Balding’ and became millionaires by winning a fortune at the Cheltenham Gold Cup! Needless to say a packed audience were enchanted by this hilarious tale, produced with boundless enthusiasm on a wonderful set complete with giant bunting and a genuine show-jump.

Talia Recine, age 8 who plays commentator, Clare Balding enthused…”I have had so much fun being a commentator, it was quite hard to learn so many lines and then have to sing them really quickly without getting distracted by all the jockey’s racing around, especially when one of the horses refused the jump”.

The tale of Cinderella was equally entertaining with a ‘biker’ fairy godmother, two truly unattractive ugly sisters – who meet a grisly end and a very trendy Cinderella choosing the ‘Jam Maker’ over the prince as her one true love.

Lynne Lawrence, Head of Drama said “Both plays were packed full of energy and colour and celebrated all the nonsense and creativity of Roald Dahl. Everyone in Junior forms, 3, 4 and 5 had fabulous time playing their part and learnt a great deal about one of England’s best loved children’s writers.”