DCPS held its first ever ‘Dance at Teatime’ to showcase the different dance disciplines offered at School – a new initiative set up to give an informal ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse of the dancers being taught by their dance teachers, as opposed to a more polished dance production. Staff, families and friends were invited to an ‘insider’s view’ of a typical dance class.

It was great to have pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 on the stage, covering the different dance disciplines on offer – ballet and modern – from the first Primary Grade to Grade 4. The only dance not on display was the newly formed ‘Body Conditioning / Jazz / Street Dance’ group.

Director of Drama and Dance, Lynne Lawrence said, “It is great to see our pupils develop their skills and to witness the enjoyment they derive from their dance classes.  Thank you to all the parents and friends who came to support.  Such was the audience appreciation, we will be sure to offer more opportunities to show this style of performance at a future date.”