At this year’s Pre-Prep Dance Show the audience were treated to a very colourful and excitingperformance full of wildanimals, including leopards, elephants,beautiful birds ofparadise andflamingos;there wereeven some tap dancingfrogs!

Butterflies and mothsalso fluttered across thestage, whilstexplorerslooked carefully throughthe tropical plants to seewhich animals theycould discover!

All the children wereclearly enjoyingthemselves, dancingbrilliantly with a great
deal of confidence andenthusiasm.This year wasparticularly special asforthe first year ever, two pupils performed a wonderful ballet duet.Well done to all the childrenwho took part, and thank you tothe wonderful dance teachers from the Janet MarshallSchool ofDance, Miss Emma and Miss Lauren, and to their team of helpers on the day.