This year the Senior Forms’ production was Honk! Based around the story of the Ugly Ducking. The production highlighted many issues children face today around bullying, being different, brand consumerism and the pressure from social media to be perfect in all areas of life. To explore these issues further the School dedicated an entire week to the theme of ‘Dare to be different’. On each day pupils were asked to consider concepts such as celebrating who you are, trying something different, being an individual and being the very best version of yourself you can be.

Throughout the week, each pupil was challenged to try something different and having done so, post their achievements on a giant Honk poster which reaped a reward of a little yellow duck, which they could personalise. In addition, the School’s atrium was transformed into a funfair full of crazy mirrors and peep boards where the children had fun distorting their appearance, but also consideredideas such as, ‘If I am trying to be you, who will be me?’, ‘Whilst I look different, am I still the same person?’

In addition, Years 6, 7 and 8
received an inspirational talk
from Mr John Willis, a lawyer
and founder of the charity
Power2Inspire. John was
born without fully formed arms or legs and has achieved a phenomenal amount despite his
physical challenges. The children helped him demonstrate some sporting equipment that
has been adapted for him and asked some excellent questions – such as how do you brush
your teeth? And what do you find most challenging about everyday life?

Pupils also had the opportunity to see the difference Photoshop and make-up can make by
seeing before and after images of celebrities. Finally, they could try some very unusual food
at lunchtime. On the menu this week they have had Kangaroo sliders, devilled kidneys and
clams vongole in black spaghetti, to name but a few.