Cancellation of LAMDA Exams has not deterred pupils from taking their exams online this week with the drama teachers standing in as in-house examiners. Following enthusiastic preparation, the quality of performances has been remarkable given limited performance spaces and having to adapt to new ways of communication. We have managed verse and prose speaking, sight reading, public speaking, acting and even musical theatre, with pupils having to adapt to singing without piano accompaniment. It is wonderful to be able to progress pupils’ performance skills, despite the restrictions. More exams will follow next week.

Online ballet and modern dance classes have started with a timetable of lessons taking place every day after school. This is a tremendous opportunity during lockdown, not only to continue to develop dance skills, but for some much-needed exercise at the end of the school day.
The launch of online auditions for our senior production, ‘Bugsy Malone’, later in the year has been a new experience for all. The enthusiasm of our pupils for all things dramatic and musical was obvious as we began to receive some wonderfully skilled, creative and amusing videos of the set audition pieces. Rival gangsters, dancers, singers, magicians, detectives, news hounds, a bored waitress, boxers, a talent show host, wanna-be stars, down and outs, splurge guns and custard pies … what could possibly go wrong?!