At the end of Year 8 pupils enjoy a week of activities and camping in Devon which everyone looks forward to, especially as we go after the exams are finished.  After being on the road for several hours we arrived at the campsite in time for a packed lunch. After lunch we were divided into two groups to take it turns to camp or stay in the main house (the groups swap over later in the week to give everyone a chance to get the full camping experience). When we had all settled in, we chose our first activity: either kayaking or rock climbing. The kayakers got their wetsuits and helmets on and headed off and the climbers gathered their gear and off they went! In the evening after supper we were all assigned our groups for jobs around the house: tidying the house, cleaning the bathrooms, laying the table for the next meal and washing up. It was really great fun to work together to organise the house, I think  everyone felt a great sense of achievement when all the work was done. The next day we all got up, had breakfast and got ready for our next set of activities: surfing or coasteering, both groups headed to the beach for their activities and despite the windy weather it was an all-round enjoyable time!

On Wednesday everyone headed off to the town centre for a bit of shopping and then we all popped to Tesco’s to buy our ingredients for supper. In the afternoon we walked down to the beach for some volleyball and a swim in the sea (the weather had improved a little). Later that evening we cooked and ate our meals which was a mixed experience for some! On Thursday we all set off for some ringoing, which really fast and furious! The next day we had our last activities: archery and fencing, mountain biking or surfing. Then we packed up our stuff helped dismantle the tents and headed back home. I would like to thank Mr Cahill and all the members of staff that helped out on the trip. Despite the weather I think we can all agree that it was a lot of fun and an experience to remember!