Staying safe online

The effects of screen glare

One of the possible occupational hazards with live teaching for both staff and pupils is having tired eyes after focusing on the same distance for extended periods of time. A popularised response to eye strain is the ‘20, 20, 20 Rule’, which staff are being made aware of and pupils encouraged to adopt. The idea is to vary the distance your eyes focus on every 20 minutes, switching from looking at close range to 20 feet away for 20 seconds; in effect, an extended glance out of a window every twenty minutes could significantly help to reduce the likelihood of eye strain, which would seem like a simple solution we can all try to follow. If your child does start to complain of screen glare, we would suggest that wearing sunglasses is not going to help to reduce any eye strain he or she may be experiencing. Specialised glasses can be obtained online, but the ‘20 20 20 Rule’ may prove to be as effective in dealing with this.

YouTube setting for Live Streamed Assemblies and Chapels
Following on from a small number of pupils reporting access issues to our live-streamed assemblies and chapel due to home ‘YouTube Kids’ settings, we are looking at a long term solution to create a specific YouTube channel for DCPS pupils, which we contain only ‘Made for Kids’ content. We hope to have this up and running very quickly.
In the meantime, in order to continue to offer live assemblies and chapel for everyone, please ensure that your child is not signed into their  YouTube account –  They should be able to play the private link sent to them without any restrictions going forward, and without any danger of being able to view any other video or live stream on YouTube.
Only click on the link, and do not to open YouTube before hand to access the live streams safely.
For more information, please email

Auditions for the Senior Production

Please click on the document below for audition information for this years Senior Production, Bugsy Malone: