Bringing Items into School

As the Christmas season approaches we know that children may be keen to bring Christmas cards and maybe even presents into school for their friends, teachers or class mates. In normal times this is absolutely fine. However, in the current climate government recommendations are that only essential items are brought into school.  

To enable us to retain as many aspects of Christmas in school and with safety in mind, it would be helpful if the whole community followed these rules:

Christmas Cards
Pupils may bring Christmas Cards to school and there will be a Christmas Post Box in the atrium of Centenary Hall. Pupils MUST not hand cards out themselves but place them in the post box. These cards will then be quarantined for 72 hours before being delivered to the recipients.  Just like the Post Office, the Dean Close Christmas Post Office final post is 6.00pm Monday 14th December. No cards will be sorted after this date and will remain in quarantine until next term.

Presents to pupils/staff 

No presents/sweets etc. are to be brought to school, but government regulations may allow these to happen after Christmas. Or to be arranged after school has broken up on Friday 18th December.

We recognise that this might be disappointing for some pupils but want them to know that their safety and that of the whole Dean Close community is uppermost in our minds.


Walking to school

It is very positive to see pupils walking and cycling to school. However, it is vital that ALL pupils are aware of the safe way to cross a road. This has been covered in our Road Safety Week, but we would ask that all parents whose children walk to school to remind their children to please use the pedestrian crossings and not to take short cuts. Lansdown Road is an extremely fast and busy road and there has already been an accident involving a pupil at the school. Fortunately, it was not serious. We will be reminding the pupils again, but appreciate your assistance in this.


Pupils in Years 7-8

Due to the current COVID restrictions we are using grass areas as play spaces to create extra space for pupils. However, due to the nature of the weather this is causing issues in terms of mud throughout the school. Therefore, from Monday 30th November any pupil who would like to play on the field in their break times may do so. But, pupils must wear rugby/football boots to be allowed to play on the grass.


Parents’ Meetings for Year 6

As previously communicated, these will be held remotely and take place on Tuesday 8th December. To make a booking for your meeting with your child’s teacher, please find guidance in the information sheet attached. Bookings will open from 8pm on Friday 27th November.

Please note that you will need to login to your parent portal account. If you experience difficulties doing so please contact our Database manager on

These meetings are intended for day and boarding parents. Parents of boarding pupils are asked to let us know if they are unable to attend these meetings on the above dates, as we will then schedule a separate session before the end of Term for these parents.

With kind regards

Kevin Donnelly

Director of Studies