DCPS Relationships and Sex Education Policy

As part of Government legislation, all schools must share with parents their Relationships and Sex Education policy. We are keen to inform and involve parents in our planning and writing of this policy. Further, in September 2021 Government legislation required schools to address how they were teaching pupils about issues such as peer-on-peer abuse. These are being addressed in Years 7-8 as part of our PSHCE curriculum. The full list of topics covered in Years 3-8 can be found in the Curriculum Booklet sent to parents.

If any parents would like to ask any further questions about this, please do email Mrs Sarah Davies, Head of PSHCE, (sadavies@deanclose.org.uk).

Attachment: Relationships and Sex Education Policy (please find at the bottom of this notice).

Flu Vaccinations

The Gloucestershire Immunisation Team will be offering flu vaccines to all DCPS pupils on Tuesday 5th October and Wednesday 6th October. These will be done by nasal spray and will not require a needle.
We request that all parents return the completed form to us even if they do not wish their child to have the vaccine. If you do not consent to the vaccine you can also confirm this via email.
Please see attached for an information letter from the Immunisation Team and for the consent form. Please note there are 2 versions of the letter, one for parents of children up to Year 6, and another for children in Years 7&8.
Important: The nurses are not able to accept photographs of the consent forms; only scans and print copies will be accepted. The form must be signed by someone with legal parental authority for the child.
Completed forms should be sent as soon as possible to vaccines@deanclose.org.uk​, or by Monday 27th September at the latest.
Please see the parent letter and consent form attached below.

Lateral Flow Device Testing for Years 7 and 8

The Government has made it clear that one of the major ways schools can remain open is for pupils and staff to maintain regular Lateral Flow Device Testing, at least twice a week. We are fully expecting all pupils to continue testing twice weekly until the end of September as per Government guidance. Day pupils have been issued with testing kits to take home, whilst testing for Boarders will take place centrally in house twice a week. Please click here to watch an instructional video for details on how to test effectively ( Please note that different brands of tests have slightly different instructions).

Individual and Class Photographs – Tuesday 21st September

Please could all pupils wear (or bring in, if arriving in other kit) Winter Uniform for these photographs. Winter uniform for Years 3-6 is blue shirt and tie, long trousers for boys and skirt with navy socks / tights for girls. For Years 7 & 8 it is long sleeved white shirts with tie, and navy socks / tights for girls.

Year 6 School Trip

Parents of Year 6 pupils: Please find below details for the Year 6 trip to The Cotswold Wildlife Park on Thursday 23rd September.
The visit supports our study of Variation and Classification, the current Year 6 Science topic. Part of our visit includes an education session, led by zookeepers at the park.

Pupils will be leaving and returning during normal school hours so no special arrangements will be required. Please ensure that your child arrives in good time as we will be departing soon after assembly.

On the day, pupils should:

Bring a school coat and leave their blazer at home.

Leave Chromebooks and other items at school.

Bring a small back pack to carry lunch and their own water bottle.

Bring a face mask to wear on the bus (as stated in our school policy).

Lunch and snack will be provided and pupils
will make their choices in class beforehand. Please do not provide your child with other food, drinks, sweets or money. Mobile phones are not permitted. If your child suffers from asthma, please ensure that they bring an inhaler with them for the trip.

If you have any other questions about the trip, please do not hesitate to contact me at drfraine@deanclose.org.uk

Kind regards,
Mr Fraine – Head of Science, DCPS.

Dean Close Choral Society

We are thrilled that the Dean Close Choral Society is able to start again this term.  Choral Society comprises a wide range of adults, mostly with direct links to the school but also some local residents who like to sing.  Staff, parents, governors, ex-staff, uncle Tom Cobbley and all are welcome – a basic ability to read music is helpful, though.

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, 7.00-8.15pm, in the Helen Porter Hall.  We will be learning the Fauré Requiem this term for a performance in Chapel on Friday 19th November.  If you would like to come and see how you get on, we’d be pleased to see you.  As there is some unease over returning to singing, please read the information below carefully if you are planning to join us.

1.       Everyone who is not a current member of Dean Close staff should do a lateral flow test, please, in the 24 hours preceding each rehearsal.  Everyone on the school staff and all pupils are testing twice per week.

2.       If your test is positive, or if you have symptoms of Covid, clearly, you are not to attend the rehearsal!

3.       We are taking similar measures to other choirs which are starting up again.

4.       Please use the hand sanitiser provided when you arrive and again before leaving.

5.       Please touch as few surfaces as possible and wear a mask (unless exempt) except during the actual rehearsal.

6.       All internal and outside doors to the HPH will be open throughout the rehearsal, so you may like to bring warm clothing if you may feel a draught.

7.       We will be spaced out as far as is practically possible.

8.       Much as it is good to chat and catch up on news after so long, please would you do this outside before/after the rehearsal as far as possible.

9.       If you feel uncomfortable and wish to leave at any time in the rehearsal, we will understand.

The pupils of Chapel Choir will be learning the music during their lunchtime rehearsals and are expected to join the last two evening rehearsals and for the concert itself.

If this is something that interests you, it would be very helpful to have a quick email mentioning which voice part you sing.  If you are not familiar with the DCS site, the Music School is the curved building on the left as you come up the Hatherley Road driveway, just after the carpark.  Do, please, contact me if you need any further information.

Mrs Sylvia Klemz
Music Department Administrator