Notice for stopping an instrument.

If pupils wish to stop lessons at the end of this term, we must receive notice by Friday 7th May. Please email  If we do not receive notice, music lessons will continue in September for pupils who currently learn.

Music lessons for pupils transferring to the Senior School.

Pupils moving from Year 8 to the Senior School at the end of the year must also give notice if they choose to, as music tuition will automatically continue unless notice is given. Further information from the Senior School Music Department is being sent to parents this week.

Year 7 and Year 8 Exams

The Year 7 exams will be held from 24th-28 May and the Year 8 exams from the 7th-11th June.

This will be the first set of exams these pupils have taken in two years and with the disruption they have experienced to their education, we are very keen that this experience be useful to them in learning skills for future exams. We are also keen that the experience does not pile further stresses on what has been a difficult period for us all.

With this in mind, Heads of Department are putting together revision materials for the Year 7 pupils to use in their Independent Study Times over the next three weeks. These materials will replace their usual prep work and will help the children remind themselves of their work this year, as well as helping them to develop their independent study skills. The Year 8 pupils already have much of their revision, so below is a reminder for them of where to obtain it.

Please see below for a brief summary of where your child can access material in each subject area. Pupils can access the revision site here: DCPS Revision


English All revision is uploaded to the revision site.
Mathematics All revision is uploaded to the Revision site. Y78 also have access to Collins Connect online and Y8 are working through paper booklets to improve exam technique.
Science Revision material has been uploaded into Google Classrooms for Year 7 and Year 8.
Modern Foreign Languages

All revision materials are available in Google Classroom for both Year 7 and Year 8.

In Google Classroom, click on Classwork and open ‘Summer test – Revision materials’.

Latin Revision resources for Year 7 and 8 Latin are on the ‘Stream’ section of Google Classroom.  Pupils will have explanations about how to access these resources in lessons along with guidance on expectations. Being familiar with the content will save time in the forthcoming exam.
History Year 7 and 8 pupils will be given revision materials next week which will also be put on Google Classroom.
Geography Year 7 and 8  pupils will find everything they need in their Geography Google Classroom.

The RS revision for Year 7 is in Google classrooms and on the revision website.

The RS revision for Year 8 is in Google classrooms and on the revision website and pupils will be given a hard copy in Week 5.


Sports fixtures

Here are the sports fixtures for next week.
Please note that some fixtures may change due to covid restrictions. Please check the below webpage for any changes closer to the date.
Boys/Mixed cricket v Clifton:
U13A, U13B, U10A, U10B, U9A and U9B Home
U12A, U12Bm U11A, U11C Away
Boys/Mixed cricket v Wycliffe
U13C and U13D Away
Girls Cricket v Wycliffe:
U10A and U9A Home
U11A and U11 B Away
U13 Girls tennis v Westonbirt (LTA Cup)
Boys/Mixed Cricket v RGS Worcester
U13A Home
U12A Away
Boys/Mixed Cricket v Pinewood
U12D, U12E Home
U11B, U11C, U10A, U10B Away
Girls Tennis v The Dragon
U13 A, U13B, U13C, U12A, U12 B & U12C Away
Further details can be found on the school sports website: