We have had a busy week on the sporting front, with 3 Sports days to accommodate different year group bubble and spectating parents.  It was an absolute joy to have parents back on site, cheering on their children in a much lower key Sports Day than usual.

The Year 3 and 4 pupils enjoyed what was their first ever DCPS sports day and it was lovely to see so many cheering their friends on and performing really well. By the end of the morning the winner of the boys’ event was Oaksey and the Girls’ event was Deacon. Later that morning the Year 5 and 6 took part in their Sports Day. There were some closely fought events, particularly in the long jump pit and the sprints.

Once all the races had been completed the winners of the girls’ event was Deacon and the Boys were the Boarders.  A special mention should go to the Year 8 pupils who managed to get themselves out of bed following a busy week on the leavers trip and make it to school on the Saturday morning for the Year 7 and Year 8 Sports Day. Between them they broke a number of records, with Alex Horner breaking one of the longest standing records, over 20 years old, in the Year 7 long jump. Once all the scores were totted up the winners were Fortfield for the girls and Oaksey for the boys. The overall champion house was Oaksey.

For access to our full Sports Day’s photo gallery, please refer to ‘Hermes, Issue 9 Trinity Term’.