Last Friday, our Year 7s and 8s enjoyed performing a live concert for the first time in over 18 months. Whilst recording performances has been an interesting change, there is nothing like the sense of immediate reaction, the tension of 1 time only and the “what if I make a mistake” hazard. Despite a few technical difficulties, we were “live” and produced some outstanding playing.

Our Year 8 ensemble started the evening with music from The Incredibles and a Disney medley. The powerful drumbeats rocked the Centenary Hall. The Year 7 Choir entertained us, especially with their performance of You’ve Got a Friend in Me. It was then the Year 7 Ensemble’s turned to play 2 well known pieces of Classical music, The Blue Danube and Jupiter from the Planet Suite.

Year 8 Choir performed a “world premiere” of Mr McVittie’s new piece, Let Your Words, before making us all laugh with a stunning performance of Yellow Bird. The complicated vocals and actions were a joy to behold.

The evening was finished off with a jazz performance from The Lydian Penguins.

You can watch the concert back here via this link:  Year 7 and 8 Summer Concert