The time has come for us to say goodbye to our 2020/21 class of Year 8’s. We wish them all a fabulous summer break and all the very best of luck and love on your next learning journey, whether that be across the road at the senior School or further afield.

We do hope that all of our pupils have enjoyed their time at DCPS, and would like to say a huge ‘Well Done’ for overcoming so much adversity over the past 2 academic years at the hands of Covid.

We regret that we were unable to go ahead with the leaver’s dinner or the leaver’s disco, due to covid rules, but we hope that that the year 8’s can hold onto the lovely memories made during our Devon Trip. We also hope that the Year 8 yearbook that was handed out at the end of term serves as a reminder of the fun that they have had at DCPS, and shows them all how special and how loved they all were, each and every one of them.
“Good luck to you all, from DCPS! X”