The final evening of half-term saw the return of the biennial Dean Close Community Firework Display.  This year, more than just fireworks, the charity Blue Skye Thinking hosted a Firewalk, which any member of the Community (over 18yrs) could fundraise for and participate in, undergoing nearly two hours of training behind closed doors before treading the hot coals to an audience of many (who were intrigued but perhaps fearful of biting the bullet?)!

The Firewalk provided excellent entertainment in the build up to the firework display, alongside the Leith’s Cookery School team from Dean Close who cooked up over 300 ‘posh hot dogs’, all sold out well in advance of the grand finale.  In addition, the Dean Bean was working overtime, sweets were selling like hot cakes, regular tea & coffees keeping the throng warm and the bar, ably manned by Operations Bursar Steve Ewence, was selling local craft beer from Deya Brewing and a range of ciders and fruit juices from Bensons the Juicers.

The feedback was wonderful –

“It was incredible! It was far larger and longer than anyone had anticipated”

“Lovely event”

“Hope you raised lots of money – fireworks were amazing”

“The fireworks were lovely, bring on next year!!”

“Last night was FAB!!!!!!!!!”

“We had a fabulous time last night”

“There was a wonderful atmosphere and it was good to see local families and ODs as well as many members of the Dean Close community”

Miraculously the rain held off and the evening proved a lovely showcase of the breadth and warmth of the Dean Close Community with over 600 in attendance.  Whilst free to enter, collection buckets were strategically placed to raise much needed funds to support treatment and research into childhood brain tumours, the focus of Blue Skye Thinking.  As a result of the evening, Dean Close will be able to donate over £1,200 to the charity, not including funds raised by the firewalkers – a fantastic result.