It was with huge surprise that Dean Close pupils from the Prep and Senior Schools greeted the Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she walked up to their activity stand at this year’s Cheltenham Science Festival. Located in the centre of the Discover Zone inside the Town Hall, Mrs May appeared late in the afternoon just a couple of days before the General Election.

Accompanied by a swarm of press photographers, the Prime Minster said hello to all the Dean Close team and spent several minutes talking to the children about the Periodic Table bookmarks which were being made at the Dean Close stand. She seemed thrilled to be given her own bookmark with her name made up of the correct elements.

Pupil, Hannah Porter said, “It was really exciting, the Prime Minister was very nice indeed
and asked us about the activities we were doing. We all shook hands with her and we had
our photograph taken, I think we even made it onto Sky News! Today was a fantastic
experience which I will remember for a very long time.”

The Dean Close stand will be at the Science Festival Discover Zone from the 6th-11th
June.Visitors can learn all about the Periodic Table, the elements it contains, why it is
organisedthe way it is, some of the latest elements to be discovered and fascinating facts
about theirproperties. They can also have a go at the Dean Close ‘Goggle eye challenge’
which is anactivity to demonstrate how the eye works. Wearing a pair of inversion goggles
visitors cantake part in a variety of challenging tasks.