Modern technology is moving at such a rate it sometimes feels impossible to keep up, however, as with most new technology children seem to master new concepts and ideas at a pace! Pre-Prep pupils proved this to be more than true when they enjoyed the most fantastic Design and Technology day!  As well as bringing in money to support the local charity, ‘IT  Schools Africa’, throughout the day children could be seen trialling new forms of technology as well as designing, creating and building the robots of the future!

The children were kept busy with a full day’s programme which included programming and putting logic to the test – using iPads, BeeBots and computers. Year Two visited the Prep School where Year Six pupils demonstrated their skills and taught our pupils a new program.  The youngest members of the Pre-Prep Community (Kittens) got involved by enjoying some time drawing on the iPads and playing simple games.  All the children loved bringing in their own electronic toys, demonstrating confidently the capabilities of remote controlled cars, realistic pets that purred and jumped, as well as a number of very impressive robots.

The day included some special visitors who arrived with amazing new technology for the children to test and apply their skills, such as VR goggles (where children could take a trip to different countries or blast into space) and programmable robots called ‘Spheros’.  Pupils then had the opportunity to master a flight simulator, and watch a demonstration on the Games field of how to fly drones – a very exciting experience; one of the drones even took photographs of the children!

When the children were not busy testing their logic skills with technology, they were occupied with their class challenge – to design and build a large robot.  The older children had an extra challenge – to include a ‘moveable part’! The children showed fantastic cooperation and teamwork skills and made amazing robots which were then displayed on the stage and judged at the end of the day.  The children were very proud of their creations and parents were amazed at the standard of the results when they admired them at the end of the day.

James Cowling, Deputy Head said, “It was a jam-packed, action filled day where pupils had the opportunity to try new technologies. There was so much to do and everyone, staff and pupils, had great fun whilst raising money for the charity IT for Africa. A huge thank you must go to all those organisations who took time out of their busy work to share their Spheros, flight simulators and virtual reality headsets.”