On Wednesday 12th February, many excited Nursery children could be seen climbing onto a big shiny coach ready for their first school trip! Nursery went to ‘Dinky Street’ as part of their topic of ‘People who help us’. Riding on the coach was very exciting, spotting some familiar places but getting to Dinky Street was wonderful!

The children were able to explore all the wonderful role-play set ups for themselves, taking on many different parts as they played together! They became doctors and vets in the surgery, shop assistants and customers in the supermarket, waiters and waitresses in the café! They were also able to ‘drive’ a fire engine, police car and able to keep us all safe as police men and fire fighters!

The children had a fantastic time, using their imaginations, playing co-operatively and finding out more about different jobs. The adults had a lovely time too – thank you to everyone for a wonderful day!