On Tuesday 12th November, Reception went to visit ‘Dinky Street’.  We travelled on school minibuses and the children excitedly pointed out lots of places they recognised along the way.  When we arrived, the children were able to explore all the wonderful role-play opportunities that had been set up for them.

They became doctors in the hospital, shop assistants in the supermarket, waiters and waitresses in the café, police officers, firefighters, hairdressers and much, much more!  The children had so much fun dressing up, putting on their own shows and driving around in the ‘dinky cars.’  They all took on different roles and played with their friends to act out stories and narratives – it was lovely to see them all engaging in such imaginative play.

The teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves too, particularly Mrs Ractliffe, who looked very relaxed reading a magazine in the hairdressers while she had her ‘hair cut’ and nails painted!