On a recent visit to Sandfield Farm Year Two enjoyed a great introduction to habitats for their science topic. On arrival they received a wonderful talk from Emma who manages the farm. She talked about the animals that live there and some of the crops they grow, as well as how the children could stay safe during their visit. After their talk the children went off to the woods to build a habitat for a safari animal. Everyone then gathered together for a ‘habitat walk’, as they explored the farm they looked for different animal habitats, such as a field, log pile, trees, hedgerows, manure pile, badger dens, the chicken coup and many, many more.

One very exciting habitat was the pond  where everyone went pond dipping. A few interesting creatures were caught including a ‘boatman’ and a smooth newt. After a very nutritious lunch everyone went to the woods for some free time with their peers. It was a great day out in the fresh air and countryside.