In the Lent Term pupils celebrated E-Safety Week and Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 5th February) when they took part in a range of activities and discussions to promote the global theme ‘Together for a Better Internet.’

With more than 2000 organisations and schools across the UK getting involved, this year’s Safer Internet Day was bigger than ever, helping to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Throughout the week Years 3-7 got involved in their break times by considering some challenging online scenarios and thinking about how they could protect themselves if a difficult situation presented itself. For example they discussed:

–  Are there any examples of positive sharing online? How about negative ones?

–  What could you do if something that was shared online made you feel worried, upset or confused?

Pupils’ PSHCE lessons throughout the week were also devoted to thinking about what appropriate behaviour online means and how individuals; ask, give and receive consent online using the hashtag #OurInternetOurChoice. For instance, they discussed possible examples of where they might need to give consent to an online service or platform – such as saying yes to an in-game permission or when receiving a friend request.

One pupil said, “I love building on Minecraft and sharing my creations.  I never thought that I might upset a friend by sharing their creations, especially if I thought they were good. Everyone is different and some people like to keep their designs private. I would think carefully about my friend’s feelings before sharing anything in the future.”

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