Pre-Prep turned a glorious green when they held an ‘ECO Day’ at school! All the children came to school wearing something green and took part in a day of exciting activities thatfocused on the importance of caring forthe environment. Throughout the day they investigated renewable energy, recycling, took part in the RSPB Schools’ Birdwatch and raised money for the Woodland Trust.

During the renewable energy activities the children learnt about solar power -watching how a solar panel creates energy to make a fan and lights work, wind power – seeing how a wind turbine works and making wind powered cars speed across the hall and finally water power – observing how a water wheel works.

Pupils then faced the ‘recycling’ challenge, in which they had to organise all the ‘rubbish’ so that it was recycled in the right place. Year Two pupils also took part in a recycling race and quiz!

Meanwhile in Forest School, the children participated
inthe‘RSPB Schools’ Birdwatch’ and had great fun
tryingto spot some of our native feathered friends.

Every child came to school wearing ‘green’ clothes,
bringing in a £1 to do so. The £148 raised was for the
‘The Woodland Trust’ to help support the organisation in their conservation ofBritish woodlands; planting
newtrees and ensuring there are good habitats for the flora and fauna of the future. Everyone is looking
forwardto thedelivery of trees from the Woodland Trust which aredue to arrive in March, when they
will beplanted in Forest School – it will be a very exciting moment!

This was the first time Pre-Prep
have held an ‘Eco Day’. As well
as being very topical, it was a
wonderful way to learn more
about looking
children gained
a great deal
from the day, remembered many new facts and were keen to ensure Pre-Prep is as green as
possible – signing a green ‘pledge’ and having some great ideas for the Schoolto improve!