On Thursday 23 June 2016 the Nation went to the polling stations to decide the future of Britain in an In/Out EU Referendum. On the same day, the School library became a hot house for debate as two Sixth Form politics groups represented each side of the European argument. The debate was well informed, robust and carried out with a calibre and civility which in many ways far surpassed the national campaigns. The discussion was wide ranging, taking in key topics as diverse as the economy, healthcare, sovereignty and immigration, amongst others. At the same time, Dean Close held a school-wide referendum, canvassing the opinions of both pupils and the Common Room. The high turnout in the School’s referendum reflected the significant levels of engagement from pupils with an issue in which they clearly hold a great interest. The result of the referendum showed that our pupils were firmly in favour of Remain, with a 72% vs 28% split in its favour. The result, whilst out of sync with the overall national result, is in line with the wider youth vote. Having scrutinised the results in some detail on Friday and over the weekend, our Sixth Form Politics students are now following current developments with great interest.