This week was hugely exciting for the Drama Department who welcomed back two of its old boys: Will Merrick and Wes Lineham, who provided one of the most stimulating and vigorous drama workshops the School has had in recent years.The whole occasion whizzed by in two massively energetichours: fast-moving warm-ups, pirate ships, love-ins, hate-ins, culminating in a dramatic physical theatre version of lines from TS Eliot’s Prufrock. Pupils responded brilliantly to the pair, with their commitment, discipline and sense of fun, learning lots on the way.

Both actors had taken time out from rehearsals in Poldark (Will) and Peter Pan (Wes, playing Hook) to come back to Dean Close to enthuse and direct 40 current drama pupils.

Director of Drama, Lloyd Allington, said: “Rebecca Vines and I were hugely proud of these ex pupils – their professionalism, humour and commitment elicited smashing responses from the pupils: their sense of confidence and imagination was palpable and exciting. We hope Will and Wes will come back again soon.”