Expedition Day is a wonderful opportunity for the children in Junior Forms to go out as a year group at the end of a busy year and have fun together in an outdoor environment away from school.

Over the yearstherehasbeen a varietyof different trips but this year our normal Year 3 venue was unavailable so our Year 3 classes went to Broadway instead, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Year 4 have always enjoyed a walk along the banks of the River Wye at Symonds Yat. A glance through RSPB binoculars looking for peregrine falcons, a stroll across the wobbly ‘Biblins rope bridge’ and a ferry ride back across the river were the highlights of a great day out in the Forest of Dean. Mr Giles Wadsworth, Head of Junior Forms said, “The opportunity to spend time outside of the classroom teachingpupils about the history of Symonds Yat and all the amazing archaeological finds such as: bones from hyenas, sabre-toothed cats and a mammoth in and around the caves of the valley and the human habitation that can alsobe traced back to 12,000 years with findings of tools and clothes, was wonderful.”

Over the last couple of years, Year 5 have visited Croome Manor on Expedition Day. This year, they had a lovely day walking around the grounds and admiring the beautiful views and wonderful architecture but the highlights of the day were rolling down a steep hill and den building.

Amellia Cottam said, “I had such a brilliant day, I wasn’t the fastest down the hill, but we did build the best den!”