Pre-Prep enjoyed a wonderful Explorers’ Day on Tuesday 12th May. Our pupils were especially excited as they hosted some important new wriggly visitors to the school for part of the day and were able to investigate and find out all about them! Zoolab brought in a tarantula, a ghost corn snake, a Madagascan hissing cockroach and an African land snail. Pupils were able to touch the animals, to learn about their habitat and feeding habits – which really brought the topic of ‘minibeasts (or perhaps not so mini!) and habitats to life!

During the remainder of the day, children were able to carry out many other different ‘explorations’ – for example searching for minibeasts in our lovely Forest School area, taking part in Maths explorations, and enjoying a treasure hunt around the school with rhyming clues.

It was a fantastic day, enabling children to understand the importance of investigation, observation and problem-solving! Children have a wonderful natural curiosity and it is important to underline this love of learning, by providing experiences that bring learning to life.

This was a wonderful way of exploring and learning about new animals in an exciting way. One excited Reception pupil said, ‘It was a great day but the best bit was the snake!’