This year’s Festival of Music opened with the theme from Harry Potter, played with gusto by the Senior Orchestra. A delighted audience then enjoyed soloist, Talia Recine, playing ‘Perpetua mobile’ on the violin, one of the winning performances from the House Music Competition.

Several wonderful ensemble performances followed, including the flute group playing ‘Galway Piper’ and the Senior String Quartet’s exceptional performance of ‘Divertimento 1 and 2 violins and 2 celli’.

The audience were thrilled, delighted and entertained by the Junior Choir’s uplifting performance of ‘Rollerghoster’ complemented with some fantastic actions.

Several more finalists from the House Music competition shared their winning performances including music scholar Chloe Dunwell playing ‘1st Movement from Concerto in A minor’ on the violin and Michael Lei playing ‘Nocturne in Eb major Op.9 no.2’. There was a big surprise from the Junior Choir as they had everyone jumping out of their seats during their performance of‘Theme from Surprise Symphony’ with an enthusiastic ‘Boo!’

Swing Band ended a wonderful evening with a lively performance of ‘Down by the River’. What
alovely way to end the half term, the pupils clearly enjoyed performing and everyone was
thoroughly entertained.