Year 3 recently journeyed to Notgrove Farm on the outskirts of Cheltenham, to
learn more about ‘Land Use and Farming’, the topic they are currently studying in Humanities.

During the visit pupils had the opportunity to collect fossils from an open field, which was left uncultivated for conservation purposes. Incredibly, the fossils just lay on the surface of the field, waiting to be discovered!

After some exciting finds, the children then had the chance to feed the alpacas and goats by hand and enjoyed a bumpy tractor ride around the 1,500 acre farm. Pupil, Alex Marsden said, “I fed the alpacas and they were very greedy, when theytook the foodit tickled my hand!”

They also watchedan amazing chipping machine gobble up trees and spurt out wood
chips, which are used for heating the farm buildings.

“I learned that pigs eat almost anything, but they are not allowed ham or bacon,” said pupil,
Addy Burstein. “We gave them all the leftovers and peel from our packed lunches.”

The visit was a wonderful opportunity for the children to take their learning out of the
classroomand discover the different types of farming and land use that now take place on
their doorstep.